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Annual accounts 2015

Annual accounts 2015 for BTX Group A/S

BTX Group A/S is satisfied with the 2015 result.

The result before financial items was improved by 10m DKK, from 48m DKK in 2014 to 58m DKK in 2015. One-time net income had a positive impact, and disregarding this, the result was 55m DKK.

The 2015 turnover was 489m DKK compared to 498m DKK in 2014, which equals a decrease of approx. 2%. Declining sales currencies influenced 2015, however, and converted into local currencies, the turnover was at 2014 level.

"Increasing dollar rate together with falling Norwegian and Swedish krone rates have been a challenge in 2015, and especially in the light of this situation, the result is satisfactory”, says CEO Jesper Roe. "I do not expect an improvement of market conditions in 2016, where the currency situation, first of all, will still be unfavourable and challenging. We have to work hard for the turnover, but we have many supporting activities, so we have reason to look positively at 2016, too”, he continues.


Jesper Roe, CEO, BTX Group A/S; tel. +45 96 42 42 01

BTX Group A/S

BTX Group offers five strong brands: Brandtex, Signature, Imitz, Jensen and Ciso. They have each their identity and visual expression. Together they match each other and provide maximum width within the attractive segment: women’s fashion. BTX Group is based in Brande, Denmark, and has about 150 employees at home and abroad.

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