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JENSEN Women has its focus on great design for everyday life, and the look for spring/summer 2022 is feminine with a casual twist.

For early spring – when it can still be rather chilly – inspiration comes from the sea in a classic maritime expression with a twist. Deep navy blue is accompanied by lighter, dusty blue tones. A fresh red is complemented by bright pink tones.

Later in spring JENSEN Women introduces a colour palette of dusty green and blue tones with a touch of pink hues, combined with white and sand.

Also notice the colour range inspired by the beautiful hues of dawn and the beginning of spring with yellow-green sprouts gently peeking out of soil. The colours are khaki and cedar greens with pink and light blue as accents.


JENSEN Women’s popular basic knitwear comes in a new sleeve length – half sleeves that go to the elbow – and with new, feminine details in the form of a tongue edge. JENSEN Women also offers a wide range of outerwear styles that can be worn on chilly days in spring or summer.

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