The BTX Group, which retained the brand name Brandtex until April 2006, has many years of development history behind it. A story that stretches from Anna and Aage Petersen’s start under extremely modest marks in 1935 in the father-in-law’s old water mill in Brande to today’s position as a big clothing group, offering of a group of strong brands with a major international development potential.

2005 –

  • 2022 31 December: BTX Group takes majority control of the Italien fashion company Conbipel with approx. 130 stores
  • 2019 Grow Capital acquires BTX Group per 11.7.2019
  • 2019 It is now possible to buy the group brands online in Denmark on likeanna.dk
  • 2018 Two new brands are launched: B. Copenhagen and B. Coastline
  • 2016 BTX Group enters the retail market in Denmark and The Netherlands with fashion shops called Like ANNA in Denmark and Sterenborg in The Netherlands
  • 2015 1. January: Brandtex A/S, Jensen Women A/S and Signature A/S merge into BTX Group A/S
  • 2013 Sun European Partners take the ownership of BTX Group A/S per 18.3.2013
  • 2012 3 departments; Young, Modern and Retail Norway are sold.
  • 2011 Jesper Roe takes up the position as CEO for BTX Group A/S.
  • 2010 BTX Group’s 15 brands are grouped into 3 subdivisions; Young, Modern and Classic.
  • 2006 Kabooki is sold.
  • 2006 Brandtex Group A/S changes its name into BTX Group A/S.
  • 2006 BTX Footwear is established in Vejle.
  • 2005 A joint purchasing office in Shanghai is established under the name BTX China. In May the Brandtex group is sold to the private equity fund EQT.

2004 – 1986

From the mid-1980s, it was decided to expand the business area and conquer a larger part of the clothing market. Partly through acquisitions, partly by starting new businesses.

  • 2002 Brandtex acquires the chain MacCoy
  • 1999 Brandtex acquires Jensen Women A/S in Herning (former Jensen Coat A/S)
  • 1997 Brandtex acquires Silbor Fashion ApS in Them
  • 1993 Blend A/S is established as an independent company in Vejle
    1993 Brandtex acquires Kabooki A/S in Herning
  • 1992 Brandtex establishes Signature A/S in Brande
  • 1991 Brandtex establishes b.young A/S in Kolding
  • 1990 Brandtex acquires Fransa Clothing Company A/S in Odense
    1990 The company’s current headquarters in Brande are built in ”structural glazing”
    – An impressive and distinguished glass construction without jets
  • 1986 Brandtex acquires 4YOU A/S i Haderslev

1985 – 1935

  • 1983-84 Brandtex established its first factory abroad in Stockton in England. Similarly, new factories are being established in Tarm and Horsens.
  • 1980s Construction of production units in former East Germany, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria. There is a gradual relocation of production abroad. The first years in collaboration with external factories in respectively. Yugoslavia, Portugal, Greece and Poland. Later in cooperation with companies in Marocco, Tunisia, Albania, East Germany and the Baltic countries. At the same time there is a gradual shutdown and sale of the Danish factories.
  • 1975-81 Brandtex establishes its own factories in Hejnsvig, Herning and Tarm. During the same period, a number of external factories are being established in various locations in Denmark.
  • 1971 Brandtex is transformed from a general partnership to a family-owned private limited company. Max Petersen – son of Anna and Aage Petersen – is appointed CEO.
  • After a standstill of production and sale of textile goods during the war. In the 50s and 60s, The production and sales are booming in the 50s and 60s. The company expand in the local area with acquisitions of buildings and construction of factories and warehouses.
  • 1935 Brandtex is founded in Brande by Anna and Aage Petersen. First as a knitwear wholesale company – and immediately after the start also with independent children’s clothing production, based on local seamstresses.