BTX Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of fashion for women with a good style. Our strong brands B. Copenhagen, B. Coastline, Ciso, Signature, Jensen Brandtex, and Signature have a solid market position and are sold in about 3,000 shops throughout Europe. Our great know-how is based on more than 85 years of experience with design, quality and fit for target groups of 40+, which makes us an attractive supplier for both wholesale, retail and private label customers.

We continuously strive to develop close partnerships with customers as well as suppliers on the basis of our mantra: WE CREATE FASHION THAT MAKES WOMEN FEEL GREAT.



The Group’s Corporate Responsibility policy is based on a number of internationally recognized principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption. In accordance with these principles of accountability, the Group wishes to ensure proper treatment of all stakeholders, minimize any negative impact on the environment and contribute to mutually beneficial financial results.
In BTX Group, we acknowledge the importance of protecting our planet and its resources, and we want to be a part of the solution to change our industry towards a more sustainable world. We are aware of the tasks that lie ahead of us and we have embarked on the journey. We are confident that our steps will have an important and positive impact, in close cooperation with the partners in our supply chain, and the industry as a whole.
Our sustainability roadmap is built on four stepping stones: 
  1. Responsible supply chain
  2. Sustainable products 
  3. Resilient infrastructure
  4. Social Responsibility
Read our full CSR strategy here: Sustainability in BTX Group



Our Corporate Responsibility Policy consists of an overall set of principles described and operationalized in the Group’s Code of Conduct here.
The Group’s top management team ensures the foundation of accountability policy in the overall decisions of the company.
The Group has prepared a number of business processes in connection with the implementation of CR in the organization. Compliance with the CR procedures is validated internally.
The BTX Group has joined the Fashion Business Ethics Charter, focusing on three core values ​​that deal with accountability, human respect and health.